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Who am I?

My name is Karen Stanley, I am a former teacher and assistant headteacher with over 20 years experience teaching literacy and writing. I have an MSc in Environmental Conservation (I am passionate about nature and wellbeing), and I have mentored hundreds of student teachers, young people and new and budding writers. I have written a plethora of articles, texts, content, and educational material for a whole host of business and education organisations both nationally and internationally. For many years I was also a senior moderator for writing in my local authority. I am a lover of writing and all things bookish!


Welcome to Mabel and Stanley Publishing - With over a decade of experience as a writer, I've embarked on a personal publishing journey that's been both long and bumpy! I've explored various publishing avenues, from Vanity Publishing to Self-Publishing, and even experienced the traditional publishing route twice... in the end, Hybrid Publishing was the ideal choice for me.

Let's talk about mistakes...!

When I started writing around 2011, I made SO many mistakes and some of them were real corkers! I spent literally thousands on publishing - which I now know to be vanity publishing - and received a big fat nothing in terms of any promised support. 

I had no control over my work, I was getting nowhere fast and paying far too much in royalties. I spent hours researching people who could 'help' me before, (after wasting yet more time and money) realising that there was very little, practical or 'jargon-free' help available to a new and naïve writer like myself.


I did not know about editing, publishing, cover design, illustration, marketing, royalties...heck, I knew nothing!

Mabel & Stanley Publishing was borne from this vision, dedicated to helping these exceptional writers bring their work to market whilst ensuring they retain their rights and royalties. And the name...well that comes from the lovely Mabel herself of course!

I have now written and published 14 books personally, with several more whirling around in my head, and it is my mission to help as many new and brilliant authors as I can - in short, I want to be the person I needed when I started out!


Writing Mentoring

If you have started your manuscript but not finished and feel like you need some help, or if you have lots of ideas but aren't quite sure how to get started, then I can help you with that too.

I have mentored many writers from initial idea through to publication, helping them to structure their ideas, setting targets, holding them accountable and giving feedback on their work.

I have many different programs available from bespoke 1:1 coaching, to my Write of Passage Growth Academy; a private and supportive writing community in which the writers meet together to finish their projects. It is important to me that I offer the service that is exactly right for you.

Find my books on Amazon 


If you would like to get your work published then please do get in touch, I promise to only give you fair and honest advice.

Tel: 0789 666 7554

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